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Acceleration North

MVI hockey parents and players,

Below are both of our summer Acceleration hockey camps.  We ask that the association be polled to see how many families would be interested in enrolling their hockey player into a summer Acceleration developmental camp.   Camps are open to players 8 years old and up and focus on individual skill development of hockey and all sports.  Here are the specifics on how this works:

Families that are interested in either the PICK6 or ELITE8 summer program listed below can register and put a down payment of $250 to lock in their spot.  We give parents until May 1st to register.  We track how many parents register from your  association and discount the total price based on total number or registrants.   Once you put your down payment, you can schedule your summer appointments to lock in your spot.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCHEUDLE IN A GROUP BUT CARPOOLING IS VERY COMMON.  Be sure to put your association in the NOTES box or TEAM box listed on the registration  Discounts are as follows:

8 players total - $25 off per player
16 players total - $50 off per player
24 players total  - $75 off per player
32 or more - $100 off per player

Choose either of these camps:

ELITE8 – 32 sessions between June – October 1  -  $699 ($22/session)
-          8 sessions of stickhandling/shooting
-          8 sessions of plyo/agility/strength
-          16 hours of skating and or running treadmill
-          Balance due depends on total number of enrolled skaters.
-          More online info:

PICK6 – 24 sessions between June – August 31- $599 ($25/session)
-          6 hours of stickhandling/shooting
-          6 hours of plyo/agility/strength
-          12 hours of skating and or running treadmill
-          Balance due depends on total number of enrolled skaters.
-          More online info:       

How to schedule:
1.    We can email you a scheduling sheet that can be scanned or dropped off with your schedule. 
2.    We can give you a schedule sheet to fill out if you stop by the facility
3.    A trainer will be assigned to assist you in scheduling by email if you
choose this method.

4.    If you would rather wait and schedule during the summer, you can use our online schedule system but you can only schedule 1 month in advance.

Please schedule 2 hour blocks once or twice per week.

Example:             Monday 10am – 11am  Skating treadmill  
                            Monday 11am -  12 stick handling     
                            Thursday 10am – 11am  Agility
                            Thursday 11am – 12 Skating treadmill OR running treadmill

**PICK6 families will schedule 12 2 hour visits
**ELITE8 families will schedule 16 2 hour visits                

-          People can schedule appointments  between 9am – 9pm Monday through Friday in the summer months. 
-          People can start before June 1st if they choose to.  We are open 3pm – 10pm during school months.
-          People can schedule in carpool groups OR individually
Each player needs to enroll by purchasing the $250 down payment option of either the PICK6 or the ELITE8 program.  Once we have established a final head count, a BALANCE DUE will be sent based off total participation.

To register and train at Acceleration North in Arden Hills, click here:

-          Choose either PICK6 down payment $250 or ELITE8 down payment under OTHER PROGRAMS

If you have questions, please call our facility.

Arden Hills  - 651-486-0020

Curt Carbaugh, Owner

Acceleration North

St Croix Acceleration

Acceleration Golf and Fitness


C- 612-817-4104

St Croix – 715-808-8253